PRASARITTA PADOTTAN ASANA POSTURE: The name is derived from the Sanskrit prasarita, meaning “extended,” pada, meaning “foot,” utta, meaning “intense,” and asana, meaning “pose.” STEPS TO BE FOLLOWED: • Stand on the mat, with feet together. Now place your legs wide apart (3 feet to 4 and half feet, depending on how tall a person is. The more taller, the more wider legs). Keep your feet parallel to each other, toes pointing forward. • Place your hands on the waist, as you inhale you look up slightly expanding and lifting your chest up, exhaling slowly start bending forward from your hip joint, making sure that your back is straight.  • Once you have bent down below the hip joint level, slowly place your palms on the mat/ floor. Keep your head, neck and shoulders totally relaxed. • Make sure your knees are straight. If it is not, use blocks. • Now slowly hold your great toes, and bend your elbows, making your torso to bend a little further. • Drop the crown of the head on the mat/ floor if you can. • Stay here for 7-10 breaths.  • While releasing the posture, slowly get your hands on the waist, engage your core, and slowly as you inhale lift your torso up without bending your back, exhaling drop your hands down. • Get your closer and relax. BENEFITS: • Helps is relieving Depression and Anxiety. • Helps in relieving Constipation, hence improves digestion. • Stretches the shoulder muscles hence helps in relieving stress and tension. • Helps in getting good sleep.  • Helps in relieving tension headache, as bending forward relaxes the head, neck and shoulders. CONTRA-INDICATIONS: •Cervical problems, shoulder or neck or hip joint injuries, acute back pain. DISCLAIMER:- PLEASE PRACTICE UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF YOGA TEACHER/ YOGA EXPERT.

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